INITIATIVE FOR SOCIAL ACTION FDN (FOUNDATION) is a nonprofit and non-governmental organization that is providing humanitarian and development basic services to all vulnerable community members, established in 2020 by well-experienced staff who can provide humanitarian interventions to the community. The primary focus of INSAN is on the problems of the poor in their struggle to obtain a life of justice and dignity. INSAN provides humanitarian services to vulnerable people where environment stabilization, Gender justice, Health, Education and livelihood security are our primary areas of concern

Chairperson Initiative for Social Action Foundation Yemen

Dedication, commitment and hard work is what has helped INITIATIVE
FDN (FOUNDATION) achieve its goals and objectives to date. It has been an exciting yet challenging two years of perseverance and devotion, which has given INSAN the strength to continue working on humanity.

INSAN strongly believes that without cooperation, Social Development, Education, Health and Women’s Empowerment there cannot be a progressive Yemen. INSAN is committed to ensure every citizen regardless of race, color, religion and ethnic background is able to enjoy his/her life. INSAN has stood by the citizens and helped the vulnerable communities, refugees and poor people obtain, enjoy and practice their Rights in times when the country was facing severe difficulties because of war.

Samar Hameed Ali Musleh Chairperson Initiative for Social Action Foundation Yemen

As Chairman of this new but properly established and well recognized organization, I would like to offer a special note of gratitude to INSAN members and volunteers. All our members and volunteers are so special to us; we would not be able to work without you. Regardless of which category you may fall in, we are glad that you are members of INSAN and we thank you for your continued partnership with us, and for sharing so many of the same ethical and idealistic concerns. We look forward to identifying with you and seek new ways of working more closely together. You are the backbone of INSAN and it exists because of you. We appreciate your efforts and we recognize that without your collaboration, dedication and commitment, INSAN would not have been able to relish the success it has done so to date. You the members and volunteers are the ones who have built the reputation and promoted the work and name of INSAN. We thank you for all your support and hard work and hope to continue working closely with you in years to come.

INSAN is grateful to its kind and generous Members who have donated generously and helped INSAN in implementing projects in Health, Education, and other areas. Thank you all tremendously, your efforts are highly appreciated and your hard work is acknowledged, without you there is no مؤسسة مبادرة العمل الاجتماعي (INITIATIVE FOR SOCIAL ACTION FDN (FOUNDATION)

Thank you